Group Tour to Machu Picchu June 17-30, 2018

On June 18 our group of 15 Americans flew from Lima to Cusco, the ancient Inkan capitol where we were met by our Andean-Inkan Shaman Guide. By bus we traveled about an hour to the Sacred Inkan Valley and arrived at our beautiful lodge in the beauty of the Andes. The next morning we began our visits to various power places known by the Inkans. Time and again, as Mallku (Shaman) lead, deepened, and taught us, I was acutely aware of the overlap between Inkan wisdom and my understanding of the responsibililty we, as the minority of incarnate-experienced souls, carry on the planet today.

We spent an afternoon and Solstice morning at Machu Picchu—and in and surrounding Cusco—at Solstice ceremonies in the Cusco central plaza—in Puno and on Lake Titikaka. Perhaps you can feel the energy of the portals of this ancient, high, and deeply spiritual Inkan culture. It’s beyond time for each of us to step up our efforts to live our life/soul purpose. I find myself being challenged relatively often, either to deal with a physical issue---and/or to absorb an energetic re-working that is crucial, but not necessarily easy.


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